Apple Unveils New iPhone with Fingerprint Scanners

Looks like Apple has officially unveiled its latest feature, unique to their upcoming iPhone 5s. Speculation
and rumors circulated the past couple of months, revealing both Apple and Samsung were most likely dabbling
in fingerprint technology for their phones. Now, Apple has actually shown their latest iPhone model with the
feature Touch ID.

According to a CNET article by Zack Whittaker, the Touch ID will be Apple's solution to theft and security. An
iPhone user will now be able to access/unlock their phone by press their finger against the small scanner,
located on the home button. This will also keep unwanted users from accessing the phone.

Who knows what else Apple might eventually do with fingerprint technology. With medical record readers being released with fingerprint scanners, maybe medical records can be securely pulled via iPhone or maybe Massive Multiplayer Online games can have unique access via a players' fingerprints. Really, the possibilities are endless.

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