Fiberio: What's New in Fingerprinting

It seems fingerprinting has advanced yet again in the form of tablet technology. Created by Christian Holz and Patrick Baudisch of Hasso Platner institute created the Fiberio. The Fiberio is a tablet that recognizes/reads your fingerprints as you read it. Not only can this technology be used to unlock your tablet or phone, but it can be used possibly operate an ATM without a card or password, or maybe even bring up your medical records at a hospital. It can be used to check out at your local grocery store.

According to a NBC News article by Devin Coldewey, the Fiberio relies on a projector/camera combo that puts an image on a semiopaque glass surface which watches the same surface for changes that indicate touches. This technology, of course, can't actually exist as a portable entity....for now.

I think this technology is exceptionally useful in terms for interactive software and gaming. Imagine playing a tablet role-playing game with three of your friends. Each player can log in via fingerprint, and their avatars can only be controlled by their owners' unique fingerprints. The tablet also recognizes markers, which means gamers can use small miniatures on it as well. Or imagine a 24/7 workspace, where digital documents and images can be manipulated by a specific group of employees/team members. No one can just randomly walk into the room and mess with a projects' progress. This can also be used by students.

Fingerprint Depot still does things the old fashioned way: ink and paper. But that doesn't mean we don't support the advances in our technology, our passion. We're looking forward to what the Fiberio has to offer to the consumer market.


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