Who Says Fingerprints Can't Be Art?

Vapor Sky, an American art company, has created Fingerprint Decor, their latest piece of custom-designed artwork. The pieces are unique; the customer provides their own fingerprints. The customer can choose a selection of colors and size, and are printed on high-quality stretched canvas.

"We are very excited about showing the world Fingerprint Decor, " David Inman, co-founder, Vapor Sky, said. "We have pushed ourselves to design an artwork that is more personal and versatile than our past designs, and are confident we have accomplished this with Fingerprint Decor; there is very little that is more unique than our own fingerprints.

The pieces come in a variety of size and price options with 25 color combinations, or a customer can even choose a custom color option, creating the piece as they see fit.

Although Fingerprint Depot doesn't deal with the art side of fingerprinting, it still offers tools you can use to possibly make your own fingerprint art (when you're not using them for background checks, of course). Our quality fingerprinting pads give the highest quality prints so you're not missing anything, capturing each unique fingerprint in full. The pads come with two years worth of ink, so you can roll to your hearts content.




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