Welcome to the Certifix Store

Welcome to the Certifix Store!

Certifix is a leading provider of fingerprint supplies for law enforcement, specializing in the evidence collection products. Since inception, we have improved our products to meet and exceed the ever-changing technological requirements of the industry.

We have a complete range of products to cover your entire crime laboratory and crime scene needs. Our catalog includes a variety of fingerprint pads, fingerprint cards, ink pads for fingerprinting, FBI fingerprint cards, fingerprint re-tabs and ink remover towelettes.

Having extensive experience in this field, we are able to provide high quality, innovative products for crime scene investigators. Our fingerprinting systems make it easier than ever before to obtain clear, permanent fingerprints that are required by FBI for search, classification and retention.


We are your one stop resource for fingerprint supplies


Certifix provides high quality forensic science and crime scene investigation products and finger print supplies for the law enforcement and forensic science communities worldwide.

We adhere to the strict manufacturing standards and have extensive product lines to meet the modern law enforcement challenges. Investigation professionals often use our products to help inspect the different criminal activities and find justice.

Our fingerprinting products offer unmatched values and standards:

  • Accepted for classification, search and retention
  • Quality permanent prints
  • No messy black ink to clean up
  • No aerosol spray
  • No special equipment
  • No need for electricity

We Deliver Excellent Customer Service

We are constantly improving our existing product range so that we can provide our customers the best value for money and the latest technology in the equipment needed to combat illegal immigration and fraud.

Featuring by highly advanced and state-of-the-art technology, our fingerprint products ensure the recording of clear fingerprints to minimize the possible quality rejection by the FBI andor other law enforcement agencies.

Our products are sold worldwide to Law Enforcement Agencies, U.S. Military, U.S. Government, Private Industry, Hospitals, Banks and customers like you.

The competitive advantages offered by Fingerprints technology include low power consumption, extreme robustness, unique image quality and complete biometric systems.


Live Scan Fingerprint Systems

Our Live Scan Fingerprint System offers a fast and secure way of capturing fingerprint images and submitting them for a fingerprint-based criminal background check.

Live Scan systems are used to capture fingerprints for various professions and licenses requiring a fingerprint-based background check with the State and Federal government.

With state-of-the-art equipment and an extensive location network, fingerprinting has never been easier or faster. Clients who need fingerprinting services turn to Certifix for high quality fingerprint-based criminal background checks.

We offer a wide range of customized fingerprinting options that are exclusively designed to serve your needs. Our fingerprinting supplies securely submit the fingerprint images, and eliminate any delays or errors often associated with the conventional ink methods.

Custom Fingerprint Supplies with Utmost Quality


If you are looking for a fingerprint product that is uniquely your own, we can create it for you, delivering a premium quality product in a timely manner.

Our custom products development team will help you take your ideas for a product from conception to conclusion in simple steps. We’ll help you create a kit, provide you with a quote, and decide a delivery schedule to suit your needs.

Certifix is committed to providing the best customer service, while maintaining our reputation for delivering the highest quality products to our customers.

We never compromise on quality, and our quality control measures ensure your fingerprint supplies are the ones you can use with confidence, knowing that the end products will serve all your requirements.

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