Intelligent Fingerprinting: Fingerprint Drug Testing

Adam Vrankulj of Biometric Update has just released an article on Intelligent Fingerprintings US patent for their technique on detecting substances within fingerprint sweat deposits.

According to Vrankulj, Intelligent Fingerprintings' device is capable of fingeprint identigfication. It analyses small amounts of sweat contained in a fingerprint to detect specific chemicals known as drug metabolites, beneficial for quick drug testing.

"The company says it's currently working towards achieving ISO 13485 accreditation and pilot production of the handheld drug-screening device is set to begin at the end of the year," said Vrankulj.

This is a pretty interesting concept. Knowing drug screenings could be done at any moment would definitely keep employees in check, while also helping with future hires. This would be a human resources dream. Fingerprinting seems to be becoming the norm for all types of screening and security, I wouldn't be surprised if fingerprinting/biometrics was implemented in the general car market in the next 5 years.

Fingerprint Depot might not have its foot in the door for the drug testing, but we do provide quality materials for ink fingerprinting.


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