Indiana Now Requires Fingerprinting For Child Care Services

The Indiana General Assembly created new requirements for child care programs. These include fingerprinting of all employees and national FBI background checks. All new child care programs will have to comply with the new requirements.

In an Indiana Public Media article by Brandon Smith, he reported that the requirement changes were passed by legislation during the 2013 session. Smith quoted Bureau of Child Care administrator Melanie Brizzie.

"They're also going to have to implement discipline policies that they share with the families of the children in care," she said. "They'll need to take training on child abuse prevention and detection."

Fingerprinting is entering more and more fields of services and industries as security protocols are becoming tighter and necessary in a time where schools are at such high alert for acts of violence and abuse. 

Fingerprinting ensures the safety and well-being of employers, employees, and clients. Children are a high priority in the US, and with companies like Fingerprint Depot making fingerprinting supplies readily available year-round, it shouldn't be an issue to get solid background check fingerprints done on a regular basis. 

Whether your fingerprinting needs are digital or traditional ink, the best quality products ensure accurate prints in order for the FBI or Department of Justice to give the results employers need to keep their companies safe and secure.



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