Medical Records on a Stick

Tim Hornyak of Cnet wrote about the new MedicalKeyring, a device by SmartMetrick which makes your medical records available anywhere, anytime. According to Hornyak, the device is billed as having the world's smallest biometric fingerprint reader--your fingerprint being the key to acessing the records.

The keyring features a small, built in screen that displays the patient's most important medical data. Coming in at about $90, I'd say it's a pretty handy device, especially for someone with conditions which may demand emergency care such as diabetes or heart conditions.

"The device has an ARM 270MHz CPU, which processes the fingerprint scan in less than a second, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. A related app can be used to manage contents such as X-rays, mammograms, and medical charts," Hornyak wrote.

Biometric fingerprinting is popping up in several places, including gyms and school dorms. Fingerprinting is slowly becoming more of a norm due to its speed and convenience. Is it safe to say the way of pen and paper or ID cards are on their way out? Probably not, but it's sure innovating a lot of technology relevant to today's society and standards.

(Credit: SmartMetric)

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