The Fresh Prints of Southern California

College campuses have been catching on to the safety and security of fingerprint technology. On-campus residential housing is
susceptible to unwanted entry. Unwanted entry warrents theft. College students having plenty of precious items stewn about their
dorm rooms unprotected: laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even pricey textbooks that can be sold for profit.

The University of Southern California has recently deployed fingerprint scanners at each of their dorm buildings. As of November of
last year, students gain entry by scanning their fingerprints instead of using swipe card. CR80 News published an article regarding
the topic and reported laptops being stolen due to unwanted guests "tailgaiting," the practice of entering the dorm building right after a student has swiped th‏eir card.

Although a thorough list of data hasn't been compiled yet, Keenan Cheung, the housing director at USC said no laptop thefts have been reported since the deployment of fingerprint scanners.

Fingerprint Depot acknowledges these changes in technology, with each implementation of fingerprinting, whether it's ink or digital making fingerprinting a more valid source for instant identification. Even students are benefiting from this technology. 


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